A Different Astrology

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Birth chart analysis starting from your north node

How to book a session?

I do my sessions online via Skype (or Facetime or something similar but Skype sessions can be recorded right on Skype).

Sessions are one hour long and costs $190 or 165€ or the same amount in your local currency. You can make a payment via WESTERN UNION using my name.

After you make your payment we will arrange a session. Since I do my sessions online and worldwide, I’ll try my best to fit a session in your schedule.

What to expect from an astrology session with me?

I have an exceptionally old (in fact ancient) way of looking at astrology. I analyse things from an esoteric perspective. Which means, fortune telling doesn’t come first. Astrology has the ability to tell you the future but more important than that is to raise your awareness to a level where you can control your future. What do you need to know to control your future? You need to know yourself.

Astrologically speaking, knowing yourself means what life has to offer to you in this very incarnation here and now. A birth chart is a photo of you (in fact a birth chart is the image when you get in front of a mirror) while you enter into this world. Your birth chart shows you the main themes in your life and why you need them. Once you understand that, from there, you can make new and better decisions about what you have to do.

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